How it all began at the Tscharnighof...


,… which was bought by my great-grandfather in 1907.

In 1970 my father took over the farm.

With the renovation and expansion of five guest rooms for the "summer visitors", room rental began in 1976 as a small additional income.


Over 50 years of room rental – we can tell a lot!

I took over the farm from my parents. Much has been rebuilt, modernized and changed over time.

My life situation has also changed in the meantime: I have been in a wheelchair since 2018. For health reasons, I moved from the mountains to the valleys - to Völkermarkt - because I can be closer to medical care here.

Our sprightly grandmother, Katharina, holds the fort on site at the farm and is already very happy about dear guests!

With the help of my family, dear friends and with my positive attitude to life, I would like to start again this year and fill our beloved Tscharnighof with lovely people and happy children's laughter!