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  • Beautiful Joomla 3 Templates To Finish In Record Time!

Imagine lying in the hammock with a really good book from Monika’s library.

Let go and relax – take a deep breath – simply BE

Give yourself the chance to borrow and read one of our genius books, like


The Cosmic Ordering Service“, “the secret

or books by Ella Kensington:

Learn the power of positive feelings – a simple, but very effective method to give your subconscious a strong tendency towards positive feelings.
The power of positive feelings helps you to bring your body into a physiological mode of function that you normally only experience when in love and happy.
Thus you deliberately put on the rose-coloured glasses – whenever you wish to do so.

Ella’s Concepts of Happiness:

There are certain moments in life when we feel so happy that we could hug the whole wide world. The sun is shining for us no matter what the weather is really like, every tasks seems to be simple for us no matter how tough it seems to others. We are inspired and are inspiring for others, we are enthusiastic and know from the bottom of our heart that we are just right the way we are. We feel beautiful and attractive and notice the positive reactions of other people.

Love life and you will see that life loves you

A great variety of books is waiting for you, very amusing books, too,

a range of DVDs, that might change your lives…

and also audio books on “the Power of Positive Thinking”.

Just have a look – it is worth it – you will certainly find something to suit your taste.



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