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During the holiday season there is a lot going on here on our pet farm!

 We are certified as “child-safe farm”, as children can run everywhere in the traffic-free farmyard and the flowery meadows around.

Our Michael is 9 years old and is always happy to have buddies to play with. Every single day you can have new adventures with the young farmer. Just ask him about his forest hut, lego toys or comics…

 The dwarf goats and bunnies are always hungry and you can feed them. You will also find chicken, runner ducks, cats and little pigs on our farm, and “Pünktchen”, our pony, as well as “Bessy”, our kind dog, are happy to meet you.

 The playground is well equipped with a child swing that can be used by several children at the same time, with 3 trampolines, with table tennis, table soccer and with numerous vehicles.

Even the adults think our go-karts are really cool.

We even have a soccer field as well as a playroom and a game room. Horseback riding is possible and you may grill your own stick bread on the campfire.

You will spend baby and child friendly farm holidays full of life, surprise and variety!

Shhhh! Children!... We go and get some flowers for mum from the meadow or from the “sun flower valley”…


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