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Please contact  "Birgit"  Tel.: 0043 664 6622 415
for horseriding-lessons

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Horse Riding Lessons “FEBS”

The riding lessons are based on the following concept:

  • FANTASY   when playing children immerse into their own world, the horse becomes a friend, guardian, playmate, companion…
  • EXPERIENCE   children learn how to communicate with the horse and learn to understand it – they feel the fascination horse
  • MOVEMENT   on the back of the horse and in interaction with the horse children make experiences with movement – it is not performance, but new joyful sensations that lead to balance and a feeling of safety.
  • PLAY   children learn to harmonize their own body and the horse by playful interaction


Children shall enjoy being around animals and moving outdoors.



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During the holiday season we offer free riding “febsing” twice a week, generally on Mondays and Fridays in the evening.

Kids who are enthusiastic about riding may also take riding lessons in other riding stables in the neighbourhood.

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